Farah Therapy Centre

The word 'Farah' means joy and happiness in Arabic. Farah Therapy Centre is built on the philosophy that once one finds inner peace and joy during life conflicts and everyday struggles, one can then feel stronger, confident and complete.

As human beings, we are naturally creative and capable of personal development and growth. By overcoming our fear and doubt, we can better cope with life and live more contently, reaching our true potential.

Our team of specialists offer support for a range of life’s difficulties, helping clients to overcome challenges and find ways to live more meaningfully. We offer individual, private sessions where clients can discuss experiences and concerns in a safe and confidential space. Our services include psychotherapy, counselling, personal coaching, wellness and health coaching, and relationship coaching.


Starting your journey with us


Email us at info@farahtherapycentre.co.uk or use our online booking form to book your initial consultation.


We will match you with a member of our team that is best suited to your needs and will confirm your appointment.


Meet your practitioner and start your journey with Farah Therapy Centre at our Kensington or Battersea offices.

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