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Thoraya Alkasab

Existential Psychotherapist


Although my training is integrative, my approach to therapy is existential-phenomenological, which is philosophy based. This means that I focus on making sense of what it means to be human in a world where we inevitably face difficulties. I aim to work alongside you in finding your own answers according to your own values and beliefs. I also draw on psychodynamic and person-centred models of therapy whenever I feel they may benefit you. Sometimes our life choices and the way we view and respond to some of our difficulties in living are influenced by our experiences and understanding of past events. More often we unwittingly repeat in adulthood the patterns we learnt earlier in life. I aim to work together with you in recognising these patterns and to appreciating what perpetuates them.

We all come from different walks of life which is why I chose to train in an integrative course. What might be a suitable approach for you in therapy might not be for another. I also believe that a strong therapeutic relationship is crucial within the therapy. For this reason, I hope that together we can build a strong alliance where you can feel safe, heard, and understood. I aim to descriptively investigate and understand your current lived experience and worldview. I concentrate on the person in you, the one who is present, and accepts you for who you are and your presenting worldview, rather than who you once were or who I might think you can become.

Happiness and the absurd are two sons of the same earth
— Albert Camus

We live within a world that is forever hostile, yet one does not discover happiness without embracing the absurd. It is the reality of our existence; we are thrown into a world of uncertainty to face the good as well as the bad. I believe understanding this is significant to the way we live our lives. Even in making day to day decisions, we choose how to live whether we are conscious of it or not. At times it can feel hard to make the right choices – perhaps because life is overwhelming, the future is frightening, or options seem limited. However, we are not in isolation; we do not face the absurdity of life alone. In fact, this binds us together. I believe in the principle of relatedness. The fact that we are in constant relation to each other and to the world makes it possible for us to discover and develop our unique sense of being. Together, I believe we can follow what we really feel and take a ‘leap of faith’, passionately, throwing ourselves into our choices, one way of life, or another.

Specialties and Qualifications

I have developed a specialty in working with grief, having practiced at Brent Bereavement Services for two years. I now practice privately from my counselling rooms at Kensington. I also deliver psychotherapy to clients of Hestia, a charity based in Ladbroke Grove that offers support for adults and children in crisis. 

I have a Post Graduate Diploma from Regent’s University’s School of Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology in London. I am currently writing my MA dissertation while continuing further studies in Existential Psychotherapy.

I am bilingual and practice in English as well as Arabic


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