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Rasha Alkasab

Personal Life Coach

If you think you can do better in life, I agree. I have made it my mission to get the best out of you. You have nothing to lose except your dissatisfaction
— Rasha Alkasab

I believe that we have the power and wisdom to make our lives the way we want them to be. I see the coaching relationship as an alliance where the process of inquiry can take place. This empowers clients to reconnect with themselves, find answers and discover their own capabilities in making life changing choices.

My passion for health, fitness and personal transformation has led me to become a personal trainer and life coach. For the past ten years, I have worked with many people and watched them transform to whom they are truly capable of being. My experience with helping people overcome their challenges has given me a deeper craving for personal fulfillment, leading me to train as a personal life coach. I now work with individuals, couples, and families, assisting them with their growth, reaching their highest potential, overcoming different challenges and achieving results.

Coaching with me is not simply about goal-setting. It is about discovering thought processes and behaviours formed by previous habits and experiences, empowering the mind and finding purpose and meaning in life.

I believe every choice we make affects every aspect of our lives. Our work affects our relationships. Our relationships affect our well-being. Our well-being affects our capacity for joy which affects our work and so on. Round and round. I coach the whole person. I believe you deserve the life you want.

I coach with a firm understanding that to create different results in your life, you need to take different actions, and in order to take different actions, you need to think, feel and believe differently to the way you do now.

If you want to pursue a new career, feel more confident, capable and content, or to generally move on into a life you love, it all starts with you.

Let’s work together and invest in you. So, who are you? What is important to you? What are your challenges? What gets in your way? Where do you want to go? How would you feel if your life is exactly what you want it to be?

When would you like to begin?


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