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Alexander morriss

Psychotherapist & Addiction Specialist


What’s it like to be you?

I believe that most issues in our lives come down to a deep, profound need to be understood; the feeling that another human being gets it. For some of us, that feeling is all too rare. Without it, our lives can become deeply unfulfilling, painful and hard.

Sometimes we can feel trapped by the past, or we can’t imagine a new future because the present is so intolerable. Faced with this, we can turn to ways of being that, although they helped initially perhaps, over time they just made things worse.

 I practice existential psychotherapy. This approach is informed by philosophy focussing on what it means to be human. That’s a grand way of saying I work to understand what it’s like to be in your situation and how you exist within it.

 Our relationship in the therapy will be key. Together we will uncover whatever difficulties are present in your life, and in doing so open up new possibilities for living, with the hope that your life becomes more fulfilling and satisfying.

 Although I specialise in addiction, particularly alcohol, drug and sex and love addictions, I work with many forms of suffering, including anxiety, depression, difficulties in relationships, bereavement, and so on. I have trained in an integration of psychodynamic, humanistic (person-centred) and existential psychotherapy, although I have specialised in the latter. That means I can adapt to whatever might work best for you in the present moment. Nevertheless, I believe that the foundation of any successful psychotherapy is always the relationship that we build between us.

With that in mind, I offer an initial consultation of 50 minutes at a reduced fee so we can see whether we might work together successfully. After that, we would agree a mutually suitable, regular time to meet. Although I do work short-term, a willingness to work long-term is essential, as I believe most lasting improvements come about this way.

As a member of the BACP, I am bound by and adhere to that organisation’s ethical framework, including confidentiality stipulations. I also adhere to the ethical framework of the UKCP.


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